The Nort Northam Collection has been a fixture in the Winter Park community from its location at Fairbanks Avenue and Interstate 4.  Specializing in Porsche and Mercedes, Nort provides personalized service for sales and service of these special cars.  

924S Daytona 4Nort is also a championship racer with decades of experience on all levels of sports car racing, and he brings that competitive spirit to the dealership.  Come by and find out how he keeps winning!

At the Nort Northam Collection, you can shop for that special Porsche or Mercedes.  If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we can find it with Nort’s extensive contact list.  We can find it!

Have a Porsche, Mercedes or other car to sell?  We can sell it for you on consignment.  We sell cars through our network all over the country, and even overseas.  Using internet marketing and personal contacts, we can take the stress out of selling your car.  (Check our blog on selling your car for you!)

So come by and see us at Nort Northam Collection.  We are open Monday-Saturday!  And follow us on Facebook!

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