Sebring 48 Hours…

A moment of silence for Nort’s green 924S partner in racing for nineteen years.  It’s over.

Second place in the sprint races for the number 01 piloted by Nort Northam was a decent showing at Sebring yesterday for the 2017 PCA 48 Hours of Sebring.  Sunday’s SP2 Enduro – not so much.

Cut to the chase…Nort is uninjured except for a little pain in the hand and wrist thanks to NOT letting go of the steering wheel on impact – a lesson in there, boys and girls.

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Florida Citrus Region racers Fred and Eric were in front of Nort coming out of Turn Sixteen onto the backstraight, all in a nice straight, close line.  Then some SP3 driver in a 944 decided that passing coming out of the turn was a good idea, but it really wasn’t.  He tagged Nort in the right rear, turning the green number 01 into the inside retaining wall.

It was the last turn for this somewhat famous race car.

The impact with the wall was hard enough to move the concrete retaining wall.  The right front is destroyed, and cannot be repaired.

There will be a memorial service to be announced soon.

Hell of a way to start the season.


About Kevin Duffy, Author and Chief Geek

Kevin Duffy is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Daytona State College in Florida and a dedicated car guy. He divides his time between teaching criminal justice topics in the online environment and working on/driving cars, particularly Porsches. Kevin is one of the principals in
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One Response to Sebring 48 Hours…

  1. Nancy Burgos says:

    It broke my heart to see the 01 green leaving the track on a wrecker. Glad to hear that Nort is ok. Lucky green will be missed. 😦


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