Well, Watkins Glen was not something that we really want to talk about.  A DNF in the enduro wasn’t part of the plan.  But, an update is needed to be sure we are all on the same page.

After a little decompressing in North Carolina, Nort brought his wounded race car home for some much needed R&R – not rest and relaxation, but repair and replace.  Transmission toasted, starter issues, reference sensor wiring issues – all needing help.  It was not going to be an easy turn-around for VIR on the weekend of the 25th.

The transmission in the car was the “spare” gearbox, in the car until the primary could get rebuilt.  So changing them was already in the cards.  With the car on the lift, just turning the rear wheels resulted in noises that sounded like they were made in hell.  So first, the trans came out, but not before draining the oil and seeing what stories it could tell.  Well, it told us nothing – clean oil, no metal, and once disconnected from the drive tube, no noises.  The gearbox was NOT the culprit…it was fine.  Could it be the driveshaft?

The driveshaft tube was pulled back from the bell housing, and spinning it in its bearings showed that it was fine – not a peep, squeak or rattle.  So whatever was wrong was hiding inside the bell housing.  Yes, the clutch.

It seems that the inside part of the clutch disk had decided to remove itself from the outside part of the clutch disk.  With metal pieces going everywhere, the front reference sensor was damaged, which is why the engine would not run.  Mystery solved – or was it?

On Saturday during the second sprint race, Nort had to coast to the finish line on pit road since the engine died.  Investigation showed that the front reference sensor had a slice in it – yes, like a knife hit it.  So Jim Kneeland (Chief Engineer, Tire Technician and Window Washer) changed the reference sensor – and the car was ready for the Sunday enduro.  (Not so much.)

So Nort went out Sunday morning for the enduro, and all was well for fourteen minutes.  Then the car died, and it was over.  Seems that the clutch let go completely, damaging the new reference sensor and ending the race for him.

Now there is a new clutch, new harness for the reference sensors, new sensors, new starter, and ready for Virginia International Raceway!!

More coming soon!!


About Kevin Duffy, Author and Chief Geek

Kevin Duffy is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Daytona State College in Florida and a dedicated car guy. He divides his time between teaching criminal justice topics in the online environment and working on/driving cars, particularly Porsches. Kevin is one of the principals in
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